To aim of this course is to enable participants to develop knowledge and understanding of the importance of vegan cookery and use of alternate ingredients to sustain a vegan diet


This course has been developed by The Happy Pear in partnership with KWETB



This course is 100% online

Participants can work through the content at their own pace


Participants will be able to apply best practice in the preparation, cooking and serving of dishes, to ensure that changes in nutritional value are minimised.

Included on the course is:

  • In-depth expert video course
  • Methods and processes specific to professional vegan cooking
  • 150+ expert vegan cookery recipes and frameworks


  • Kitchen basics – from knife skills, equipment, seasoning, binders, to dairy alternatives, label reading and specialist ingredients
  • Quick easy dinners – from sauces, beans and pulses, to bowl meals and 5 min meals
  • Breakfast – from pancakes, granola, smoothies, to fried breakfasts, vegan omelettes and overnight oats
  • Pasta & pizza -from the basics, sauces, lasagnes, cannelloni’s to toppings, vegan cheese and methods
  • Soup – from salad basics, greens, beans, grains and overall frameworks
  • Burgers – from novelty burgers to basic burger frameworks
  • Dips and sandwiches – from hummus, mayo, ketchup to sambo master class and other dips
  • Stews and curries – stew frameworks, curry basics
  • Bakes pies and wellingtons – from the basics to bakes pies and wellingtons
  • Introduction to fermentation – from sourdough bread, making your own yogurt to sauerkraut, kimichi, pickling and kombucha
  • Plant based nutrition – from main nutrition, supplements, protein and iron to cardiovascular disease, gut health and how to sustain a vegan diet
  • Popular sweet treats


The Happy Pear Certificate of Completion

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