This course has been developed by The Happy Pear in partnership with Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board.

The aim of our Professional Vegan Cookery Course is to enable the learner to develop knowledge and understanding of the importance of Vegan cookery and use of alternate ingredients to sustain a vegan diet, learners will be able to apply best practice in the preparation, cooking and serving of dishes, to ensure that changes in nutritional value are minimised.  Best practice in the preparation, cooking and serving of special diets is encouraged whilst developing an awareness of the responsibility of food providers to inform customers of the content of products or dishes.

  • In-depth Expert Video Course
  • Methods and Processes specific to Professional Vegan Cooking
  • 150+ Expert Vegan Cookery Recipes and Frameworks
  • 20 hrs

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of a Vegan Diet
  • Understand how to plan, prepare and serve Vegan Dishes
  • Understand how to substitute ingredients to maintain a Vegan diet.