This 1 morning practical course is crafted to teach participants the importance of plant based proteins and fibre in the diet. It will introduce learners to exciting ways of making wholesome meals that are packed with flavour whilst highlighting how these ingredients look after your body too. The course will explore the benefits that grains can offer from quinoa to bulgur, and easy methods of incorporating them in your daily lives. Seeds are great sources of fibre. They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and should be included wherever possible; the course will look at ways to introduce them to the diet. This course will allow learners to create simple grand and seed based meals that are quick to prepare and are packed with flavour and highlight their versatility – all under the supervision of a professionally qualified chef. 



1 Morning


This programme is designed to provide participants with a level of knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them create tasty and nutritious meals using grains and seeds. 


  • Types of grains and seeds
  • How to cook and prepare grains and seeds 
  • Nutritional information regarding grains and seeds 
  • Traditional and new grains and seeds based recipes  



    Participants may wish continue their studies with KWETB in a complementary area, such as Nutrition for Wellness Series or other such courses.   


    KWETB Certificate of Completion.